Homeless man returns diamond ring; lesson for us all

A homeless man returns a diamond ring and it's a lesson for us all. How many times have you seen a homeless person begging on the street and walked past? Maybe you've dropped some change or a dollar into a cup but how many times have you ever stopped for conversation? If you have, then maybe it doesn't surprise you that a homeless man returned a lost ring.

I have. In fact, I have had many conversations with many people who have lived on the streets or in shelters. Knowing that the homeless man returned a diamond ring doesn't surprise me all that much. What does surprise me is that the act is making headlines.

People who are homeless are just like everyone else. Some are honest and some aren't. Rich people aren't better because they're better off. They may have morals but it's because someone instilled those values in them.

On the flip side, those who are poor or in poverty aren't automatically thieves or cheaters. Just like the man in the story, homeless people can have values and character too. Being on the streets or in a shelter only means that the person needs more skills to maintain a place to live than he or she has.

The homeless man who returned the diamond ring has a lesson for us all. The next time you see someone with a hand out try not to judge them any differently than you do anyone else. I think that's a lesson that we can all walk away with.