New newsletter and other internet changes

Today was an exciting day for Hope for Healing.Org. Their new newsletter just came out. Well, the newsletter isn't new but the format is. It has bold, strong colors that grab your attention. It's more engaging than the one from the last platform.

The newsletter is Healing News. It's been online since 1996 in various forms. It started around the time that the website was built. I called it Healerguide's home page back then.

That was back in the days of Geocities. When the company went public everyone who had volunteered for a few years was were given a few shares of stock. The company is owned by Yahoo! now. Geocities went dark some time ago. That still makes me sad but it's part of what they call progress.

Eventually, I cashed in the stock to buy a replacement computer after the first one died. It was a fast moving 386. With it the dial-up seemed so fast that it almost took your breath away. A little overclocking under the case and she purred like a souped up engine.

My husband was a pastor in his first appointment. One of his parishioners came to visit. She was shocked to see that we each had a computer. I actually think that she was as offended. She muttered something about our spending habits as she went out the door.

The next time she visited our daughter was on the computer. I'm not sure which shocked her more. The fact that we had 2 computers or the fact that we allowed our daughter on it. For some reason, she didn't come back to visit after that.

Times do change. Software programs get larger and computers get smaller. The internet stocks boomed. Then, there was the big bang when they went bust. Now, there is not only a computer in almost every home but in almost every hand. Schools assign homework to be done on them now. It's a different world.

There are many things that the internet has changed. Jobs, the size of computers and the types of programs are different. There is one thing that has remained constant and that is the desire for people to connect. People everywhere want to feel wanted and cared about.

In the end, no matter how things change the core of who we are as people doesn't seem to change. As I load the new software program into my computer I think about that and simile. How about you?

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