My omicron variant symptoms

My omicron variant symptoms were different than anyone around me. I was diagnosed with covid in  early December 2021. This was before the omicron symptoms were widely recognized. Confusing the issue were my three negative covid tests. My husband's omicron symptoms were more expected. He lost taste and smell, had fatigue and the weird eyes that I talk about in my video. Unlike him I didn't lose taste or smell. Based on syptoms I thought that a cold that triggered my asthma. (That always happens when I catch a cold). 

But no, a week after my husband was diagnosed and exposed to covid, I tested positive as well. The coronavirus was sneaky though. When the doctor diagnosed me on a Thursday my sypmtoms were just a cough, scratchy throat, sneezing and some slight wheezing - all consistent with asthma. My condition deteriorated despite receiving monoclonal antibodies. That Sunday evening, I had to be put on oxygen and was under the care of the virtual hospital. 

This video about my omicron symptoms was done by request. It's just my experience and we are all different. But, maybe it will help someone recognize thier covid symptoms. My bottom line suggestion is that if you're sick and there's the slightest possibility that you may be positive, get tested. It really is the only way to know for sure.