How to make extra money online to boost your income

I've written about how to make money online in previous blog posts. Since more people seem to be trying to get out of debt these days, it makes sense to cover it again. The internet is always changing and so are side hustle ideas and different ways that you can make money online. Making money also can mean boosting your online presence.

Don't panic. Boosting your online presence can come just from trying to make money online. The extra income that I make has paid for both of my daughters' weddings, college textbooks and generally paid off bills. Here are some of the ideas that I use to earn extra income. This will give you ideas to get started.

Well known income platforms
     Google Adsense
     Pay Pal Pay Me link

Affiliate marketing: Amazon, Commission Junction, individual companies 
Referrals: AirBnB, Groupon
Products: Zazzle, Café Press
Refer people to products you know and like: AAA South, TubeBuddy
Sell review products on eBay, Craigslist, Facebook, and/or sell new or gently used items on these sites.
Monetizing tweets: SponsoredTweets
Blogging – Sponsored ads/links, Google Adsense
Side hustles
Writing blog posts
Formatting e-books
Self-publishing books
What can you write about: How to books, share passions

Webinars: Skype, Facebook, GoToMeeting
Local classes


My appearance on the Coach Eli YouTube Show

Just in case this doesn't go to the direct time, my piece begins at 1:41:38. Please be aware that the conversation might be triggering. An incredibly strong survivor shared her story of survival from domestic violence.

It's funny how I never considered myself a feminist until recently. When I started the rape recovery chat rooms (The Rape Recovery Forum, Rape Recovery Group on Yahoo, Male Rape Recovery Group and Secondary Survivors Group) my goal was to find a place that women and men could come together to heal. I never dreamed that healing from sexual assault would be considered anything except, well, healing. It didn't matter if you were male or female. All that mattered is that you could find comfort in networking with others who had been through similar experiences. Feminism? Utopia? No one cared what label was slapped on the idea that survivors deserved support. All we cared about was a safe place to gather.

Lately, I've even heard of the term "trigger warning" being referred to as part of a "feminist agenda". That's not so. The term was developed to help empower those who might not be ready to read about graphic incidents of sexual assault or domestic violence. But I digress...

Or do I?

There's not doubt that women's shelters came about as a result of feminism. I'd also say that feminism was combined with anger. The anger that friends, family or ourselves would be beaten to pulps should be enough to make anyone angry. Angry enough to do something constructive about it. Hence, the building of shelters and blazing a trail so that survivors could find healing.

The discussion linked below is interesting. It's politely heated at times, but intriguing nonetheless.

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My YouTube Guest Schedule

My YouTube channel is about encouragement more than travel or reviews. Overcoming Obstacles airs on Sunday nights at 9pm Eastern, Service Dog Friday is at 12 Noon and product reviews are on Wednesday. Inspirational people are joining us to discuss their challenges. These people are survivors. Past segments include camping and bushcrafting in a wheelchair, living with diabetes, a mom-daughter duo who both have epilepsy and more. You can see all past episodes on my YouTube playlist.

We are booking encouraging people for Fall 2018. The challenges faced can be anything from getting the courage to go job hunting, raising kids, coping with a major life challenge - or the challenge of learning a new skill or hobby.

Have you faced a challenge head on or know of someone who has and wants to share it with others? Email me at gayle@gaylecrabtree.com to get the ball rolling.

Here are some of the great people that we have lined up in July. You'll find them on Sunday nights at 9pm Eastern or on Service Dog Friday at Noon. Click the links to find out more about them.


New Show!! Overcoming the Obstacles on YouTube. 

Guests who want to Be Bold! Be Bodacious and are Overcoming the Obstacles!

Wednesday, September 5 at 12:00 Noon
Misty Nights on Overcoming the Obstacles
Beating the odds

Wednesday, September 12 at 12:00 Noon
 Alexandria (Stellarpiper) Overcoming the Obstacles
Music director and musician on
Life with Epilepsy

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The challenges of using solar on your home.

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Friday: July 27 at 12 Noon
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How to keep your service dog healthy in the summer

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Check back for schedule updates as they happen!