My omicron variant symptoms

My omicron variant symptoms were different than anyone around me. I was diagnosed with covid in  early December 2021. This was before the omicron symptoms were widely recognized. Confusing the issue were my three negative covid tests. My husband's omicron symptoms were more expected. He lost taste and smell, had fatigue and the weird eyes that I talk about in my video. Unlike him I didn't lose taste or smell. Based on syptoms I thought that a cold that triggered my asthma. (That always happens when I catch a cold). 

But no, a week after my husband was diagnosed and exposed to covid, I tested positive as well. The coronavirus was sneaky though. When the doctor diagnosed me on a Thursday my sypmtoms were just a cough, scratchy throat, sneezing and some slight wheezing - all consistent with asthma. My condition deteriorated despite receiving monoclonal antibodies. That Sunday evening, I had to be put on oxygen and was under the care of the virtual hospital. 

This video about my omicron symptoms was done by request. It's just my experience and we are all different. But, maybe it will help someone recognize thier covid symptoms. My bottom line suggestion is that if you're sick and there's the slightest possibility that you may be positive, get tested. It really is the only way to know for sure.



Service dog fundraising update

 Hi everyone! Here is my fundraising update. I thought I would post it here in addition to Instagram. We are at $2,720! This puts me just over halfway to the cost of a dog from Cares in Kansas. The total that I need to raise is around $8,000. 

This is for the dog at $5,000, miscellaneous dog related expenses around $500. We have to go from Virginia to Kansas for a week for what is essentially for a doggie boot camp. This is where I learn how to work together with my new service dog. Traveling there means 3 nights out getting there and possibly four nights coming back. We have no way of knowing how well the dog will travel until we receive the fluffy bundle of joy.

We plan to take the travel trailer. That should eliminate lodging expenses on the way to and from (unless we come across a bad storm or something very unusual). I had thought that would mean we could fix meals instead of eating out. Unfortunately, eating out daily with the dog is required as part of the training. So, that's a few more expenses.

I want to thank you all for your help so far. I am working on some other fundraisers. Plus, I have the Amazon affiliate link. It earns a tiny commission whenever someone makes a purchase through my specific link. This doesn't add anything to the cost of whatever you're buying. It can be a good way to support me for free if you buy on Amazon anyway. 

Donations can also be sent directly to the organization in Kansas. Make sure you put my name in the subject line. It has to be designated or you are donation will likely go into a general fund.

Thank you again so much for your help. I really appreciate everything that you're doing! Your support has been invaluable financially and emotionally. It's impossible to thank you enough.

This is a picture of me with my service dog who passed away. It gives you an idea of one of the things that he did for me. He was alive changing sweetheart. I'm sure the teacher service dog will be too.