Together we Stand

I realize that's some friends of mine are jubilant today and other friends of mine are in mourning. Let me challenge you to remember that no president is all good or all bad.

All presidents have made decisions that have been good for the country and all presidents have made decisions that have been bad for the country. The thing is that by and large the people of the United States have survived and weathered all storms.

We are a resilient and strong people in any era. For the most part we are kind, giving, and compassionate toward one another. The leadership going in needs our compassion and support whether we like the leader or not. The United States is all of us not just one of us. Together we stand.


Let's celebrate 2017 with a giveaway!

The new year promises to be the best ever! From Overcoming Obstacles to Women's Wednesday, you can look forward to lots of great things on my vlog. We'll travel together, find solutions together and have fun hanging out.

I'll be kicking off the New Year with a giveaway! Details will be on the Women's Wednesday video on January 4, 2017. Of course, there's nothing to buy and the odds of winning depend on the number of entries that I get. The decision of the judge is final. Void where prohibited, winner is responsible for taxes and all the usual stuff that you hear with every giveaway. It will be lots of fun!

Be sure to steer your browser over to www.youtube.com/gaylecrabtree on January 4th to get all the juicy details. See you there!


Are service dogs pets

Is a service dog a pet? That's a question I'm frequently asked when out and about with Tomlin. He's a super friendly dog who loves to be petted. His expressive face draws children and adults over to him all the time whether he's all dressed up or not.

However, service dogs aren't pets for many reasons. In this video, I talk about why he's not.