Update on the livestream benefit for my mission trip to Alaska

Several of you have asked for an update on my mission trip to Alaska. We are leaving in mid-July 2017 to head to the mission site in Alaska from Tennessee. A friend and I are ditching our best guys to make the drive. We have done other fundraising with yard sales, cookbooks, an auction and such. But, a trip like this needs money to happen (even though it's for a fabulous cause).

We decided to turn to YouTube to reach the widest audience possible. My channel (Gayle Crabtree) meets the requirements set by YouTube to enable Superchat. This is where people can put their comment at the top of the chat window during a livestream. Google keeps 30% and we get 70%. That's a much higher profit margin than many other fundraising opportunities.

The vast majority of people don't donate. That's okay. The video still generates ad revenue and it will continue to do so indefinitely. So, with all this in mind, we decided to go for it.

My first ever Superchat-enabled livestream took place on June 18, 2017. The result is that we have roughly 100 views (so far) and 348 chat messages were exchanged. Of those, we had a couple of people donate monetarily through Superchat or via PayPal. I can't tell you about ad revenue yet because it's too early to get a total. I can say that a few people have offered meals or coffee shop visits along the way. These gifts are appreciated and important because money that we would spend on food can be shifted to cover gas costs.

I'll have another update soon. In the meantime, here's the livestream replay in case you missed it. Don't forget. If you like the livestream, be sure to click the subscribe button on the video. That way, you'll get all of our video updates from the road. Now, here's that livestream.

The original post about the livestream is here.
Articles about my previous trips to Alaska are on my other blog You've Been Reviewed.net.
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Livestream benefit for my mission trip to Alaska on June 18.

My mission trip to Alaska begins in less than a month! Yikes! It's coming up in a hurry. We'll be hosting a VBS in Seward in early August 2017. A friend and I will be driving team supplies from Tennessee to Alaska. This will be my third round trip on the Alaska Highway. I'm super excited but also a little nervous. Because no one knows what a journey will hold, I'm hosting a free fundraising livestream on my YouTube channel and hoping you will join me.

The channel livestream is June 18 from 8pm 10ish at this link. Helping us raise funds is as simple as streaming my channel on your phone or computer that night. You don't have to donate anything to help us raise money. However, if you insist on making a donation that night we'll gratefully accept your gift.

Superchat will be running during the livestream. The funds will go for transportation expenses (gas) unless you donate otherwise. The Superchat donations are subject to the regular Google cut, but will otherwise go toward the trip.

Drop in on June 18 from 8:00 pm - 10ish. Stay for a few minutes or an hour. My channel url is www.youtube.com/gaylecrabtree Please email me at gayle@gaylecrabtree.com if you have any questions or comment below. It should be lots of fun! Be sure to mark your calendars and subscribe to the channel.

We looking forward to seeing you on June 18. :-D


Can you help me find a #lostdog in #Polvadera #NM

Pet owners and dog lovers... Can you help me find my daughter's dog?  He and his canine sibling got out from his #Polvadera home yesterday. His canine sibling returned without him. The dog is six and has never failed to return. Usually he stays very close to my daughter. She and her husband are disconsolate. Please email me at youvebeenreviewed@gmail.com if you see him. Any help you can give is appreciated.