Haiti Earthquake Relief; Pets and Animals

Some agencies are working to assess and help animals and pets in the Haiti earthquake relief efforts. Most of us would agree that the rescue of animals takes second place to the rescue and recovery of humans. However, there is reason for the Haiti earthquake relief to cover Fido too.

The World Society for the Protection of Animals reminds us that when disaster strikes habitats are lost. Even domesticated pets, when having to fend for themselves, will act accordingly. This can become a safety issue to the general public. Sick animals can spread disease. Injured animals in pain can lash out at humans. Wild animals are always unpredictable and become more so after fleeing from habitat destruction.

Plus, as in the photo, pet owners are fond of their animals. Responsible pet owners would want someone to help their pets if they couldn't. The additional worry only compounds the stress that disaster victims are already under.

From these perspectives, it makes sense to include pets and animals in the Haiti disaster response.  Some charities are doing just that. In addition to the World Society for the Protection of Animals a few other organizations are listed below.

More information:
International Fund for Animal Welfare
Christian Veterinary Mission
Humane Society: Wayne Pacelle

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