Donate used scrubs to domestic violence programs

Guess what the last thing is that people donate to domestic violence centers? It's scrubs, lab coats and other medical uniform items. The medical uniforms aren't needed all of the time. When they are needed they're needed badly.

At my day job with an area nonprofit one of the things we encourage our clients to do is go back to school.

Victims of domestic violence are sometimes unsure of themselves when they make a major life transition. Almost all need to improve their financial situation. I believe that getting an education is the best way to lift a family (or individual) into a better financial position.

It's not uncommon for the people we work with to choose jobs that give back to society. Often times they opt for positions such as a lab tech, nursing assistant or nurse or other job in the medical field. The problem is that all of these jobs require scrubs.

There's another good reason to donate your used scrubs to domestic violence programs. Victims who are in the medical field and have to leave may no longer have access to their medical scrubs. Without a uniform they may not be able to keep their job for long.

Do you buy from a company like http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/ or have scrubs that you no longer need? Give your local domestic violence center a call to see if they need them. The outfits and medical uniforms that are donated can give domestic violence victims a real hand up when they need it most.


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