Sexual assault is never ok by politicians or anyone else

The more I hear about the possible sexual assault attack by the IMF Chief the madder I get. Now, a second person has come forward to say that she was victimized several years ago. It's always hard for survivors to come forward. That's why rape is so very under reported.

I can't imagine how difficult it must have been for these women to report the crime against someone who has so much political clout. Kudos to them for coming forward.

As chair of the IMF, DominiqueStrauss-Kahn had more to lose than to gain by committing such a horrendous act but no one had more to lose than the victim. 

The moment that a potential rapist chooses to act lives are ruined for the victim and the families of the victim and the predator. How could a few minutes of power rush be worth this? I don't, can't and will never understand.

Another thing that I'm having problems with is why a man would choose to do this to a woman. At what point in your life do you decide that it's ok to force yourself on somebody else? Why does anyone feel that they have the right to do something this cruel?

No one has the right to physically or emotionally bring harm to another person for any reason. That's the bottom line. It might not be the one that Dominique Strauss-Kahn wants to hear right now. It also sounds like a lesson that he may be learning.

The thing about lessons is that the student doesn't always learn. Predators tend to keep repeating the pattern until caught and locked away. Time will tell if this student learns his lesson or not. For the sake of other people worldwide, if he is guilty, I hope that he learns well. Rape is never ok.

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