Proper Car Maintenance Helps Keep Women Safe

Proper car maintenance may help keep women safer. That's the word I've gotten from several self-defense experts. Manufacturers recommend regularly scheduled car maintenance. Changes in climate or terrain may make Chicago auto repair and maintenance different that what's needed in Miami.

It usually pays to adhere to the schedule as much as you can afford. Let’s say you have a Toyota Corolla with a water pump problem. Following a regular maintenance schedule can mean the problem is spotted and fixed before a car breakdown leaves you stranded.

With vacation season coming up, vehicle repair is something we all need to be aware of. It is always bad news (and scary) to be stuck someplace waiting on a tow truck. Even worse, it can make you a target for criminals. Keep your car in as good running order as you can.

If you ever do find yourself stuck don’t panic. Remain in your car unless otherwise directed. Use your cell phone to call for help and follow instructions that you are given.

A relationship with a neighborhood mechanic can benefit your can and keep you safe. That’s a win-win situation we can all live with.

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