Donations of cash or stock are welcomed by charity

Well, I have a daughter in graduate school who is looking for a job. She's got experience working with victims of domestic violence, food pantries and homeless shelters and juvenile offenders. She also has some grant writing skills.

The problem is that the jobs in these fields are limited. With the economic slowdown shelters and pantries receive fewer funds than they need. People just can't give as much. Some folks may have some of the best medical penny stocks that there are and may be in a better boat than some others. Hopefully, they will make an extra effort to help friends who are struggling.

Many nonprofit organizations will accept monetary and stock donations. People are often surprised at how small the amounts can be. The $3 or $10 will help. When combined with another $3 or $10 they can make a bigger difference. The adage 'if everyone gave a buck' really is true!

Your help (and mine) is what nonprofits rely on. It surprises me when people think otherwise. I spoke with someone yesterday who never made the connection that it's individuals who help nonprofit agencies the most.

Sure, all nonprofits apply for grants when they're available. But, the problem is that all nonprofits apply for the same grants when they are available.

The economic downturn won't last forever. Hopefully when it improves all of our children will be able to have the jobs they need. In the meantime, if you have a spare dollar or change please consider donating it to a nonprofit. Charities need your help more than ever right now. Gifts don't have to be huge to make life better for another person. The funds just need to be there.