Change a life with a promotional pen

When is a pen more than a pen? When it’s used to change lives or help others it becomes a symbol of achievement.  

The nonprofit that I work with is always on the lookout for small affordable items that we can give away to the public and to clients. One of the things I hear regularly at workshops or in books is that personalized pens make an excellent marketing tool.

Most of you know that Hope for Healing.Org works with juvenile offenders. Ideally, we would also like to raise funds to buy some engraved promotional pens, key rings or mugs to give the kids who come to us.

For the organization that I work with, these items are more than just a way for people to remember us. Most of the kids don’t receive positive reinforcement at home. Using pens and promotional products to reward good behavior may help us make a lasting difference with the kids that we work with.

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