Lowering my debt update

Here's the update on lowering my debt that some of you have asked about. Every time I think that we've got all the bills in hand another one comes up. Isn't that always the way it works?

Right now, everything is on hold except for our regular minimum payments. Paying the IRS is a priority. Not only do they fight back with the biggest stick but they have a pretty firm deadline.Plus, if you're late they hit you with huge charges in the form of interest and penalties.

The lowering my debt update includes some work that I've done for clients and writing sites. My goal is to have half of the bill in hand by the end of the month (or more). So far, I'm less than 25% of the way there. We're not even halfway through March so the month is still young.

Hopefully, my next report on lowering my debt will be when I reach the goal. I'll go back to writing now so we'll see what happens.

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