Sanofi recalls Epinephrine Injector. Take action now.

I've been there and it's terrifying. Owners of epinephrine injectors need to check your pens at this website now. Thank goodness a friend sent me a Facebook message about Sanofi epinephrine Injector recall. This pen is used to safe the life of someone who is having an acute emergency reaction. You may have heard of someone having a special shot in case of bee stings? The epinephrine injector is that medication.

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Her Facebook message to me is the first that I have heard about the recall. You can read the information about the Sanofi epinepherine injector recall online. This is terrifying news for anyone who may need this shot. I speak from experience.

I got caught up in an epinephrine pen recall in 1998. As with this recall, there potentially isn't/wasn't enough medication. Thank goodness that word spreads online now. I didn't hear about the problem until it was too late.

Nothing much happened when I got into onions once and had to use a recalled pen. Hubby had to call EMS. They came, took one glance, and injected me with  epinephrine from their stock. I improved quickly, but still required a hospital stay. We checked the pen after EMS told us about the recall. Sure enough, that epi pen had been recalled.

Read the Sanofi website to learn what to do with your epinephrine injector. Take it from someone who has been there. Don't gamble with your life or that of a loved one. Check out the website now.