Kitchen upgrade may include paint and spice racks

When a local grocery store went out of business, it surprised me that very few people stocked up on spices. Even the most exotic flavors are affordable when priced at 20% of the average retail price. I am going to need some of those choices when my daughter marries in June. So, Hubby and I decided to stock up while the prices were so low.

It seemed like a good idea at the time but it kind of backfired. We overflowed our spice rack pretty quickly. I also think that happy couple will enjoy having some as a 'sort-of' wedding gift. Our plans are to share some of these with both daughters. In the meantime, I still need a place to put all of the bottles and that may mean working a kitchen spice rack into the budget.

Painting the kitchen is going to be my first priority. The walls are a light cream color right now but that is going to change. I went by Lowe's Home Improvement and picked up a beautiful shade of deep red. It is going to go above the cabinets on each side of the wall. With luck, it will make the kitchen look deeper. With more luck, I will be able to get this done while Hubby is out tomorrow and be able to post before and after photos. (Check back in a couple of days!)

If we purchase a rack for the spices, the style is still up in the air. Our kitchen is well-maintained but small. Age is causing the one we have to be replaced sooner rather than later. In addition to the overflow, the kitchen counter rack that we have now takes up a fair amount of space. It may be that a wall spice rack may work the best. First, I have to get that painting done and then we will go from there.