Way to go for Knoxville and Oak Ridge cash mobs

Way to go Knoxville and Oak Ridge cash mobs! Finally there is something that I can rant happily about. Businesses in parts of Knoxville, Oak Ridge and other areas are really hurting. The hardest hit areas seem to be in and around construction zones or in areas of declining traffic.

The cash mobs are being organized via social networking sites like Twitter and are essentially flash mobs. Except, instead of singing or dancing the participants are asked to spend a few bucks in a specific part of town or stores. When they say 'a few bucks' the meaning is literal. People are asked to spend $5-$10 or whatever they can reasonably afford on whatever they reasonably want or need.

Best of all, the project is working. Even better, this WATE article indicates that the results may be long lasting and the movement may be growing.  This is one rant that I am happy to share. Keep it up Cash Mob!