Can churches be more proactive in the fight against domestic violence

Can't churches be more proactive in the fight against domestic violence? You betcha! Even more than that, they should be. This is something we can all do. If  you are in a church go to your pastor. Churches can help stop domestic violence. Ask if he or she has had training on domestic violence. If not, ask why not. Then contact hello@hopeforhealing.org to change it.
By demanding change we can reduce the number of domestic violence homicides each year. Holding our pastors accountable to receive training is the first step.

Churches can help stop domestic violence. Pastors can reach thousands or hundreds of people in ways that politicians can't. When someone is sick pastors are often called to the hospital. When someone dies a pastor is called upon to do a funeral.It's time for the funerals of domestic violence murder victims to end. Pastors and church members have the power to start doing something about it.

If God is calling you to make a difference in your church He will equip you. Get your churches involved with your local domestic violence programs. Hold a fundraiser. Get trained. A training manual for pastor's is coming out soon. In the meantime these resources will help.

Does God Still Love Me encourages survivors of abuse by answering their most frequently asked questions on spirituality. Victims deserve to know that God loves them and Does God Still Love Me delivers that reassurance. Christian rape or domestic violence survivors will appreciate this book. Copies are available at a special price for churches who want to sponsor copies for women's shelters, jails or to give to victims within their congregations after they are safe.

Time's Up, A Guide on How to Leave an Abusive and Stalking Relationship

Time's Up by Susan Murphy-Milano is an excellent tool for victims of domestic violence. With this book survivors can learn how to make an evidentary affidavit. Churches can use their recording equipment to help their parishioners create this affidavit. Time's Up will walk you through the process.

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