Dealing with spine surgery

I have been dealing with spine surgery for seven months now. This isn't my first experience with surgery but it is my first experience with back surgery. Regaining functioning after drop foot is taking much longer than I dreamed.

Compared  to this, the abdominal surgeries of a few years ago were a walk in the park. It took about four to six weeks to fully recover (not counting the post-op pneumonia that happened twice). Recovering from foot drop is taking longer. I'm making progress but it's not fast enough.

My physical therapy group is wonderful. They're mean at times (Just kidding guys!) but they want me to get the job done.

The life lessons from this fill me with gratitude for the life that I have. Overall my health has been good, my husband and kids are great and the dog that adopted us is a real sweetheart. Our churches are fabulous, one of my jobs is worked from home and I am very grateful.

But as much as I'm grateful I am in awe of the people who have dealt with challenges for a lot longer than I have (or will). Courage, inspiration and hope are everywhere if you look for them.

The internet is filled with success stories from people who are beating the odds. My husband's church had a fundraising dinner for Relay for Life the other night. I got word today that a missing teenager has been located. A homeless man gave a ring back and seemingly shocked the world. I read a book about a young woman who lost both of her legs, another one about a college student who stepped on a landmine and one about a young woman who was horrifically abused as a child.

You know what? All of the people that I mentioned above are real. Each one has survived and gone on to help others.

The world has a lot of darkness in it but health challenges isn't it. They are inconveniences that can make us better appreciate what we have - if we let them. Some days are maddening. They're frustrating and they're just plain hard! But, many people are much worse off.

If you have your health, be glad.
If you have family and friends who love you, be happy.
If you can look at someone else with compassion, rejoice.
If you can make someone's day, be honored.

Thank you for walking this road with me.