Surgery recovery and physical therapy

By now you know that we are working to overcome medical bills and our general debt load. I found another money saving site that you may be interested in. Writing articles like this on this particular blog isn't my norm but I hope that you will stick with me awhile longer.

Writing from home has been a godsend. Being able to cover people who have overcome issues like homeless, poverty, sexual assault and other society ills is the purpose of the blog. From time to time, I also get to write about upcoming speaking engagements, my sermons and so forth.

The problem is working writing in with my physical therapy schedule. The doc has me going three times and week and walking every other day. Switching my dressier clothing out for exercise wear is interesting. Finding a onehanesplace coupon should help. I haven't delved deeply into the site yet but it looks like it might be helpful.

Hanes products haven't let me down yet and this site has lots of promo codes for them. It's perfect since I need exercise clothes for working out. It's time to trade church clothes for work clothes. Working out more often for PT requires more clothing and I am looking forward to getting back to the gym.

My gym time was my time and I enjoyed it. Having to put it on hold because of the back surgery is a disappointment.  A 24 hour fitness coupon for my favorite gym would be nice. It always helps to save money on things that you do regularly. That seems to be one of the secrets to getting out (and staying out) of the financial hole.

Physical therapy and walking are challenging to fit into the schedule. Guess what. It's helping. Today I was able to fix a light dinner and load the dishwasher. They weren't done well but they did get done. It's not much but it's an improvement. I plan on being back at the gym as soon as I can. Want to race me to the stepper machine?