Join us for the Sexual Assault Awareness Month Speakout

Sexual assault and domestic violence prevention are the top goals of every advocate. We try to accomplish this in different ways. Certainly, speaking opportunities and local outreach events are often used.

Raising awareness is the first step in sexual assault and domestic violence prevention. These days, advocates have another tool in our arsenal. Social media is helping advocates get the word out about domestic violence prevention like never before.

There is some overlap between the two crimes. Too often, sexual assault can be a component of domestic violence. Prevention is possible but to prevent the violence we must get the word out that abuse is just not cool.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Social media status updates are going to be posted on the Hope Blog daily. They are calling it a Speakout and as far as I can tell it’s one of the first few events of its kind. It's an easy way to help make prevention possible.

Bloggers will find that the status updates are helpful topics for blog articles. Those of us who are on Twitter have a convenient way to do our part in sexual assault and domestic violence prevention.

The updates have been kept short enough to be posted directly onto Facebook or to your favorite social media site. Tweeting the status updates to your followers or retweeting our posts will help.

You can follow me on Twitter or Facebook. I will be doing my best to support the cause and help with sexual assault and domestic violence prevention. How about you?

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