Getting rid of credit card debt is changing my life

Coming up with money for a car repair was hard. At the time, we couldn’t see how we were going to get buy but we made it. My online writing saved our skin. I fumed about how hard it was to pay off new bill and credit card debt with every keystroke.

Piggy bank and loose change.
My mind set turned 180 degrees. That fuming is when I saw that our lifestyle was crippling my family. The reality of high interest charges and extra fees hit home. The credit card debt was a false solution. In reality, our problems were compounding as fast as the extra charges.

Seeing the light is much easier than changing my life. That sounds great but my light bulb moment was dimming fast. I knew that I had to create a plan to reduce my credit card debt before I chickened out.

Hubby and I gathered up all of our bills and started sifting through them. We grabbed a pen and paper to add up costs that we couldn’t see. The bills from our credit card debt and checking account statements gave us insight into how much gasoline we were using, grocery expenses and fun stuff like dinging out.

You know what? Reality bites.

When it bites, it really bites.

That’s when I saw the need for more online writing. The plan is for the extra work to go to pay down our credit card debt and the other bills that we owe. Right now, it looks like the plan is working.

Daily, we’re working on continuing with our changed mindset. We have wanted to go out several times for dinner or a movie. Giving those up has been darned hard. Going out is part of what kicked off my online writing passion!

But, that spending pattern is also what led to our credit card debt and needs to change.  Anyone who has given up a bad habit can tell you that change is hard. In the end, I think that the effort will be worth it.

In the meantime, it’s fueling my online writing and may ultimately pay a couple more bucks to reduce my credit card debt.

I hope so anyway. J

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