My credit card debt compounded my financial problems

Good news. I’ve been working hard to reduce my credit card debt (and other bills) with my online writing revenue. A long road remains but things are definitely looking up.

Online writers must remember that every article adds up. If you are only earning a few dollars here and there it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. As long as you enjoy what you are doing don’t stop your online writing. Keep going and use the money to pay off that credit card debt.

Most of us would pick up a $5 or $1 bill that we found lying on the sidewalk. I think it’s safe to say that most of us would pocket the money if we couldn’t find the owner. For online writers may be able to consider the extra income to almost be “found money”. Every dollar counts and every dollar can reduce credit card debt.

Granted, the money is not completely found because it has to be earned. If you don’t do the online writing work then you won’t have earnings to pay down the credit card debt.

There are 2 things to keep in mind here. One is that online writing is a way to earn money around the schedule you already keep. The other is that if you are reading this you must already have access to a computer and internet.

My thinking is that since I already own the tools I may as well use them to earn extra income.

A couple of years ago I reduced my credit card debt by paying off one account through online writing. Later, the same card was used as an easy way out of a car repair. At the moment, it seemed like an easy way out of a hard spot but the easy fix soon backfired.

In reality, my actions only added credit card debt onto my problem. The easy fix became a deep hole because of interest fees and other charges. The next thing I knew we were scrambling to pay the next car repair and make the payment on the credit card debt from last time!

Getting through the situation made for a very tight month but we did it without more credit card debt. It was hard and it was uncomfortable but we made it. Online writing was part of that fix. A change in mindset was the other part (next)…

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