Choosing a Blog Talk Radio guest

You may have come to this link from my article How I choose a Blog Talk Radio guest for Voices of Hope. If not, please know that this is the second in a 2 part series. The first part is available from the link above.

A factor for choosing a Blog Talk Radio guest for Voices of Hope is expertise. Does the potential guest have an area of expertise that listeners would like to hear. I'm not always talking about big name stars like Susan Murphy-Milano.

Other areas of expertise have included hearing from survivors, family and friends. Local agencies have shared about their services. Advocates like Susan Murphy-Milano have shined light on advancing through the horrors of domestic violence. Pastors have provided spiritual guidance on everything from using a Bible to finding support within it. Other experts have shared their knowledge and information.

Choosing a Blog Talk Radio guest is a mixture of knowing our audience and filling show requests.

A guest who requests to be on the show will be considered with the same enthusiasm as a domestic violence survivor who requests a show. Some of our most popular segments have come from both routes. I love hearing from both and encourage people to contact me at voicesofhope (at) hopeforhealing.org.

One of the other things to be considered when choosing a Blog Talk Radio guest is availability. Can the guest commit to the scheduled time slot? If not, there's not much chance that we'll be able to use him or her. Very seldom do we schedule a special segment. When we do it's almost always based on a hot topic or special needed (our annual Halloween segment with self-defense expert Anny Jacoby is a special need).

Another consideration when choosing a Blog Talk Radio guest is appropriateness. Not everyone who asks to be on our show is appropriate. Most of our survivors aren't interested in political agendas or products that won't help them protect themselves or help with the healing process.

I appreciate that you may be offering a new high dollar skincare or cosmetic line but unless you are donating big bucks to domestic violence programs our listeners may not be interested. Get rich quick pyramids and work at home programs are generally not relevant and won't be considered.

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