TSA stoops to searching screaming 3 year olds

We teach children to scream if an adult touches them where a swimsuit covers. Kids are instructed to yell and tell if someone touches in a way that makes them feel bad inside. But what is a child to do when the adult is a TSA employee who has been paid to search them in an attempt to keep our country safe?

The child in this video did what she was supposed to do. She was being touched by a stranger and she began screaming at the top of her lungs. There was nothing that mom could do about it but help. The problem is that there's stupid and then there are some TSA employees. Just when we thought airport security screenings couldn't get any more bizarre the bar was dropped lower.

That the TSA is stooping to search screaming 3 year olds is absurd. In this video, the little girl began screaming when her teddy bear was sent through the scanner.

The screams of the 3 year old intensified when the TSA employee had to search her. It's understandable that we have to do some searches and scans to keep our country. It's a sad day when a 3 year old is suspected of being a terrorist. I'm glad her dad said that she is ok. This You Tube link of the search just pulls at your heart.