My return to college ended on a high note

I couldn't have ended my return to college on a high note if it hadn't been for my daughter and a supportive husband. With their help, my cumulative grade is now a 3.6. I feel like pinching myself!

It's been about 25 years since my first college experience. Higher education has undergone substantial changes. Everything from registration to financial aid is computerized now. Getting correct answers to administrative questions about things like financial aid can be a more difficult process than 25 years ago. However, the process paying the term bill is easier. 

Going back to school is challenging in another way. Receiving a diagnosis of a couple learning disabilities earlier this year paved the way for accommodations. Yes, as in years past, I failed math. (My arithmetic skills are legendary for their inaccuracy.) Through educational testing we found out that I'm not simply abysmal at math. I have a learning disability called dyscalculia. Thanks to online research, readers like you and Disability Services at the college, we have a plan in place to help me deal with the math issue and it's helping!

My daughter also helps. She works near the college and we car pool. On the way, she reads my textbook chapters out loud. This reinforces what I've already read and studied. Hubby has been great too! My head injury makes it easy for me to get turned around. So, Hubby went to campus a few times to help me find the classes and that helped tremendously also.