My financial aid appeal was denied

 Oneeral of you are asking for updates about my financial aid appeal at Pellissippi State. To answer questions, it's easiest for me to post about the denied appeal here. As most of you know, my return to Pellissippi State Community College came after a break of two decades. My daughters were toddlers during my first attempt. The younger of the two had major health problems that required major surgery. She is 24 now and doing great. However, her health challenges caused me to drop school back then to take care of her.

Flash forward to Fall 2014, everyone else in the household has an education except me. I returned to Pellissippi State and re-enrolled  for fall 2014. My college experience there had been excellent. My credits are there and the school still had a good reputation.

My hunch was that since my income has changed over the years, that my financial aid eligibility would too. I did not expect that my financial aid would be suspended (although tuition was covered under another source). This does include student loans.

The reason given is unsatisfactory academic progress. The Pellissippi State Community College policy is that students must pass a certain percentage of the classes attempted in order to receive financial aid.

Since my situation has changed over the 24 years, I was told that the decision could be appealed by providing supporting documentation. I did that and am sad to say that the appeal was denied. The reasons stated are in the screenshots.

The financial aid appeal denial at Pellissippi is difficult. However, I feel that it's important not to focus on the negative. Here are a few things that I have learned through the process.

Find a way to make your college dream happen. A full-time load of courses may not be possible next semester. If not, then I'll try to find a way to take one course. Finishing may take forever, but my future is worth it.

Positive thinking
Having the appeal denied at Pellissippi has been disheartening. However, this is a country where almost everyone has a shot at college. I've met some dynamite people in my classes and have found a way to manage - so far.

Friends count
You, my friends and readers, are gifts. A lot of you bolstered my spirits when my financial aid appeal was denied. You make me feel like the most supported person in the world! Thank you so much! I felt the oxygen being sucked from the room when they said that the financial aid appeal was denied.

 Although I appreciate the support, I don't think that crowd-funding is the way to go right now. Part of my income comes from blogging, so please keep reading and sharing my blogs. My affiliate links generate a tiny bit of income that adds up. Keep reading and sharing my work on Examiner and Bubblews too. Every page view counts.


If you know a college student, give him or her a hug. You may encourage that student as much as you have encouraged me. Despite the ups and downs, I think that Pellissippi State Community College is still a good place to be and I thank you for being "virtually" here with me. :-)

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