Healing from back surgery is harder than I thought

I am still healing from surgery and am behind in almost everything. This has been a lot tougher than anyone in my family dreamed. John has a church that has been taking care of us. Frankly, I do not know where I would be without them. Restrictions make healing from back surgery awfully hard.

My car calls to me while sitting in the driveway. Driving it is off of the table until the drop foot issue gets better. It needs to be able to function better and regain feeling before that happens. Standing up and lying down don't work well either. However; physical therapy is bringing improvement.

The physical therapy session today was a bit rough but walking is easier overall. I can also stand easier and move my foot a tiny bit more. Everyone that I've talked with tells me that healing from back surgery takes time. It's been a month. Hopefully by next month the foot drop will resolve, my blogs will be caught up and life will resume as normal - or even a little better. That's what I'm planning on anyway.