A cell phone helps me earn income online

By now, I think that everyone knows about my unexpected surgery last month. It's also generating an unexpected stack of medical bills. My plan to pay off our debt is certainly being challenged! We are cutting back big time to compensate.

One of the things that I did a couple of years ago was change my wireless plan. I went from a traditional plan to a prepaid phone. It just about cut my cell phone cost in half. My husband has not made the switch yet. We are on the lookout for wireless coupons so he can upgrade to a smart phone when he switches over to a prepaid plan.

Coupon sites like mywirelesscoupons.com help you to get the best deals from an array of companies. You can use their exclusive promo codes to save money on a wireless plans. T-Mobile, Sprint and Quantum are just a few of the choices that you can choose from. Ordering with the promo codes and coupons that are on the site only takes a few clicks of the mouse.

Slashing our monthly budget means making hard decisions. We never have been big into cable and dropped it several years ago. Almost all of our news comes from internet sources. It's easy to pull up with local or national websites to keep up the latest news.

Linking my phone to Twitter lets me get breaking news and instant weather updates. Angry thunderstorms don't take me by surprise. As long as I have a cell phone signal, I have weather updates.

Basically, a smart phone is a handy little gadget that helps me update the blogs with relative ease.Tableside and travel blogging has been made easier and faster. Photos that are taken with the phone attach easily to an email. I just type the article in and upload it to my blog.

The need to get the netbook out and search for Wi-Fi is eliminated. Ultimately, the smart phone helps me earn more income that will help me pay the bills a little faster. Getting rid of the stack of new bills make take awhile. Slowly but surely, the pile is shrinking. Who would think that a smart phone and wireless plan would enable me to do that?