A chance conversation at the store

I have been getting out more since surgery last month. Yesterday, I had a chance conversation with a woman at the store yesterday. We were standing in what seemed to be the longest checkout line in the world. Pretty soon she was telling me her story. I won't share the details on the blog but I will say that hers is a story all too familiar to me. 

Her's is a story of how she overcame abuse, health issues and raised children by herself. It was very encouraging.

Ironically, the conversation began over a coupon binder (and yes, I have the oddest conversations!) I created mine to hold coupons, a 6pm coupon code that I need to keep up with, a pen and other items. Hers is also homemade.

The difference is that she used baseball card holders to organize the individually clipped coupons. We spent a few minutes comparing our folders and our lives. It was almost as shame when Hubby came to help me check out. She has this url and my email address. Hopefully, we'll talk again soon. (If you are her, don't hesitate to email me. It was beautiful talking with you yesterday. :)

Another of my recent trips out was pretty routine. My physical therapist suggested specific tennis shoes that might help my leg and foot work better. She was right. My shoes are Reebok Zigs and they've helped some.

Because I wanted to use the shoes immediately, I didn't check for a 6pm promo code until later. They have a Reebok promo code that may help on my next pair. There were also codes for New Balance, Dr. Scholl's, Nine West and Skechers.

They also had discounts on clothing by DKNY, Hunter and Calvin Klein. I don't need those items right now but may in the future. Discounts on each of these are a good reason to bookmark the site. The deals looked pretty good. I'll probably check it when these shoes start to wear out.

In the meantime, I'll keep my ears open at the grocery store. You never know who you'll run into or how they'll make your day. I can only hope to have made her smile too.