Unique gifts for college graduates

Are you looking for unique graduation gifts? I have found some very unique graduation gift ideas online. Each of them are practical but are just a bit different. Here are three of the most unique graduation gifts that I have ever heard about. What do you think of them?

1. Rolls of change.
Didn't giving spare change become outdated back in second grade? I thought so but a friend of mine corrected me. College graduates can use change if they have to pay tolls, buy fare cards, use a laundromat or want a soda out of the office vending machine. It's practical but definitely an unique graduation gift.

2. Cheesecake
This is perfect for the sweet tooth and for graduation receptions. The most unique gift that I've heard of has to be the mail order cheesecake. Who would think that something so scrumptious can be delivered to your mailbox? Cakes, pies, cookies brownies – even Cheesecake of the Month, are all available from the link above.

3. Portable air compressor
Really? Really. A small portable air compressor for tires can be tossed in the car and forgotten about – until needed. They can be ordered online or picked up at an automotive center. They work best for tires that have slow leaks. It may take awhile to inflate the flat but may hold enough air to get the care safely to a repair shop. Every driver should use their own best judgment about when to call a tow truck. It's no bet that a tire pressure gauge is the perfect add-on to this unique graduation gift.