Now hubby wants television and satellite

It was a sad day for Hubby when we moved into our new home. The rural area that we are in offers scenic views of the mountains, phenomenal neighbors and almost everything that you would ever want. However, there is no such thing as cable television. This means that we either do without or look into getting direct tv.

Let me paraphrase the rest of my post by saying that I am not a huge television watcher. I have nothing against television but I also have no time to watch it. (This is actually why our last set was put out by the street.)

Recently, Hubby has let it be known that he would like to have a television. This means that we will probably be checking into directtv next. The guy who lived here before us had the service and must have been pleased.

The hardest thing for me will be picking out the television. My brain shuts down in the electronics section. I guess Amazon.com will be able to help. Reading all of the product reviews and comparisons have been very valuable in the past. Plus, they usually have a huge selection and I can shop from home

I still won't have any time to watch television but at least www.dx3.net can provide information on the satellite service. Maybe that will help Hubby hold out a little longer.