Tax extensions may help victims of domestic violence

Sometimes we just need a little extra time. Even the IRS knows this and has guidelines in place to give tax filers a little extra breathing room to take care of their filing obligations. Of course, you do have to the file the irs extension form 2009 to ask for the extension.

I am not a tax professional by an means. For a person with average tax knowledge these forms can be a challenge to fill out. Consulting professional help and reading an irs extension guide can provide you with the information you need to file or to make a decision.

Knowing about the extension may be good news for victims of domestic violence. When you are involved in a crisis situation or are leaving a dangerous relationship the last thing you want to think about is taxes. It may help to know that relief may be available. After creating a safety plan and getting to a safe location the IRS tax extension may be a breath of fresh air.

If April rolls around and you think you may need a tax extension talk with an advocate. He or she may be able to steer you toward a professional who can help.