How my Vistaprint business cards raise money for charity

It's time to order business cards from my favorite online store again. I have always managed to find the best prices at Vistaprint. They have a wide range of print options available. My favorite is a mountain scene with a flat finish. Gloss is also offered. You can have the back left blank or have a calendar or something else printed on the back.

Vistaprint Yard Sign for Hope for Healing.Org
Some of you may recall reading my previous article. If not, here's another vistaprint review that you may want to read.

There are two other great things about Visitaprint that people may not know. Among the other items that the carry are yard signs and banners. Whenever I set up a display or when I'm in the office at church I like to put the yard sign. This helps with our visibility and it lets others know that the church supports us.

The other point is (to me) the best thing going for Vistaprint. When you place an order through iGive a tiny portion of the proceeds automatically goes to the charity of your choice. In my case that means making a few extra pennies for Hope for Healing.Org.

Even the tiniest amount raised from orders that are placed online add up. The organization has raised over $300 so far and they are still going.

Nonprofits have to save money wherever they can. Ordering business cards, yard signs and even banners online help. If your order can raise money for your favorite charity there is no reason not to try it.  

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