Hanging in despite illness

I wanted to thank everyone for hanging in with me on the blog. Despite some illness issues I'm getting around better. Some of you have heard that I was on the Appalachian Trail one day and in the Emergency Room 48 hours later. The docs sent me home on a walker. I'm now doing better but still using a cane.

The verdict on what happened is still out. MS has been mentioned as a possibility. Some kind of muscle disorder is also in the running. My nerve convection study and EMG were yesterday. Not fun.The good news that came out of it is that whatever is wrong probably isn't emergent. The bad news is that there were no super clear answers. A whole lot of blood work is being done. Hopefully the docs will know something more firm by the end of next week. If so, I'll keep you posted.

That this has happened during a move is frustrating. There is no way that I can ever thank the ladies of Jacksboro UMC enough for all of their help. It's impossible to convey my depth of appreciation. These ladies toiled for hours on end over several days to help me pack and get the house in tip top shape. Truly, I could not have done it without all of the help!

Thanks again for everyone's patience. I think of those who are rebuilding after floods, tornadoes and other natural disasters. My troubles are mild compared to theirs. I can only hope that they can be shown the same love and compassion that has been directed toward my family lately and I can only thank everyone from the bottom of my heart.

Bless you!


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