Rest in peace Caylee

By now we've all heard the news that Casey Anthony isn't going to jail for killing her little girl. People are wondering how and why that happened. I'm not a legal analyst and don't pretend to be. But, it seems to me that it's very hard to get a strong conviction for someone without a witness or a smoking gun in the suspect's hand.

Obviously, the biggest loser in this is tiny little Caylee Anthony.  This can only be followed by the losses sustained by the Anthony family itself. How do you live your life when your family dysfunctionalism is broadcast over national (and maybe international) media? I cannot imagine the commotion that must be going on behind those closed doors. Whether is has gone on for years or is new to the family only they can say.

Casey Anthony may not be guilty but many people in the world believe otherwise. Every job that she applies for or person that she wants to date will have this in the back of their minds. That will never give her the easy life that her tattoo indicates that she claimed to have.

All my life I've been told that life has its own consequences and that there is justice in the world. Casey Anthony may be about to live both of those statements.

Rest in peace, Caylee. Although your life was cut short you will be remembered for generations to come.