I Love the Way You Lie What are Eminem and Rihanna saying?

What are Rihanna and Eminem really saying with the song "I Love the Way You Lie"? Domestic violence is wrong even though this video indicates otherwise. I'd love to know wouldn't you? While we're at it I'd love to know what Dominic Monaghan and Megan Fox were thinking when they created the video. 

For those of you who haven't seen this piece of junk it's on YouTube right now. Be warned before you watch it. The video is graphic and raw. It could have been used to condemn domestic violence instead it condones it. Listeners and viewers get the impression that it's ok to beat women. Even worse, the title "I Love the Way You Lie" hints that women like to be beaten.

If there was any doubt as to the message the last scene clinches the deal. Rihanna and Eminem are standing in front of a house watch it burn to the ground. Like many people who witness domestic violence neither Rhinna and Eminem are doing anything to stop the house from burning.

Are you in danger of being a victim of domestic violence? Don't be like the girl portrayed in this song. Get help. Get out. The National Domestic Violence Hotline is 1.800.799.SAFE.

If  you are afraid that a friend of  yours is being victimized get educated. Learn how to help and what to do. Visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline before it's too late.