Why Wont a Domestic Violence Victim Leave

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Why Won’t the Victim Leave

Victims of domestic violence are the ones who can best judge the situation. The most dangerous time in domestic violence is when the victim leaves. There are a lot of considerations. Too often society wonders why  a victim doesn't "
pack up and go". That decision is always up to the domestic violence victim. Here are a few reasons why it can be hard to leave. The list is not comprehensive but is merely meant as a guide. If you would like to leave a comment for others please do. 

·        Most victims who are killed in abusive relationships are killed after leaving.
·        They may have heard stories of shelters and be afraid.
·        They may fear that family and friends will reject them.
·        No one will believe them.
·        They are afraid they will be “caught” getting help and the abuse will escalate.

·        The victim loves the abuser.

·        The victim wants to believe the abuse will never happen again.
·        They may see the abuser as a protector.

Pressure from

·        Children
·        Family
·        Friends
·        Church
·        Society
·        Self

·        Marriage is forever, no matter what the cost.
·        This is the way relationships are.
·          When you love someone you forgive everything.

·        The victim may not have a job, money, transportation etc.

·        Shame or embarrassment
·        Someone they know may have had it worse.
·        They may be in a relationship with a police officer, politician or official.
·        They may be in a relationship with a pastor.

Lack of support
·        The victim may not have access to support.
·        The victim may not know how to get help. 

If you or someone you loves is in danger please call the National Domestic Violence hotline at 1.800.799.SAFE.

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