Help the TCADSV win a Wal-mart Associate Choice Award

If you are a Sam's Club or Wal-Mart assoicate can you please vote to help the Tennessee Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence (TCADSV) win the Wal-mart Associate Choice Award?

The Wal-Mart foundation has chosen them as one of only 5 Tennessee organization to participate in this opportunity. The TCADSV needs your vote as an associate to win a $100K grant.

Domestic and sexual violence (including rape and other forms of sexual assault) are serious problems that have to be tackled on a federal, local and state level. Did you know that everyday more than 850 victims contact domestic and sexual violence organizations like ours for help? Fortunately, we at Hope for Healing.Org receive training and guidance from the TCADSV to help us run our programs better - just like every other sexual and domestic violence agency across Tennessee.

The $100K award will help them help us. Very seldom does one person have the chance to cast a vote to save lives. As an associate, your vote can do just that. Please consider voting for the TCADSV. Survivors and victims across the state of Tennessee need your help.

If you are not an associate please help the TCADSV get the word out. Blog it. Tweet it. Stumble it. Amplify it. Digg it. (Don't spam it.) Most of all, if you know someone who works for a Sam's Club or Wal-Mart Store ask them to help.

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