A guy takes a plea deal in rape and murder of Jennifer Hampton

A rapist isn't a man and I refuse to use the title for the rapist in this article

Today, WATE in Knoxville reported that Valentino Vasquez Miranda accepted a plea deal. He is the person who was found guilty of the rape and murder of Jennifer Hampton. It's unjust that he would live when his victim did not. 

Jennifer was only 21 when she left her small town in Alabama to come to Knoxville. She was hired to help open a restaurant has since gone out of business. Her family portrays her in many news articles as being the type of young woman that anyone would be proud to claim and daughter or sister. 

The restaurant rented rooms at a Knoxville Days Inn to house the restaurant workers. (A later report by WBIR indicates the Days Inn has since been renamed Ameri-Stay Inn and Suites.) The life of young Jennifer Hampton was cut short when Valentino Vasquez Miranda allegedly used a pass key to gain unauthorized entrance into her room. Days later her body was found floating in a river

Incredibly, he is reported as saying that he hopes Jennifer's family will have peace. Peace?? What a joke!

Nothing can bring Jennifer Hampton back. Nothing can wipe out the pain her family must live with day after day. How can a family ever have peace after their family member died in such a horrific way? They can't. Many people hope that Valentino Vasquez Miranda won't either.