Domestic Violence 101 - The Cycle Stops Here

Sometimes people don't understand that nature of domestic violence. They may have heard that the abuser "snapped" or "lost it" when committing an act of violence. In reality, the cycle can stop with each of us who makes a decision not to abuse. No one makes the decision to become a victim or survivors. In the next few days we're going to look at domestic violence to try to understand it as part of a cycle.

Typically what happens is that as the cycle continues the abuse escalates. It can end in disfigurement, death, sexual assault or suicide.

There is no room in our society for domestic violence. If you are being abused it is ok to get help. Contact the National Domestic Violence Helpline. They can help you find the resources you need to heal.

Tomorrow we'll start with learning about the Honeymoon Cycle of abuse. It's important to understand this stage. Often, when survivors of domestic violence consider leaving an abuser they think of this stage. It is one of the barriers that keeps survivors from getting help.

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