Back up plans in case of storms or college snow day

The weather forecasters are calling for a possible snow accumulation of 1-3 inches, with more expected in the higher elevations. Living 1.5 hours from school makes this a tough situation. Pellissippi State is a non-resident campus. This means that everyone drives in to college. It's not bad 99% of the time, but snow and stormy weather can make getting to the college campus difficult. Fortunately, Hubby and I made back - up plans for the "what if" scenario.

1. Lodging
I got rates from a couple of area motels. We took the higher price and placed that amount in a savings account. It's easy to move the funds by phone call or transferring the funds into my checking account online. This gives me access to a one night stay at least.

2. Food
Like with lodging, I put $25 into the checking account for food. This makes it possible to order pizza and save it for later or to pick up a few things on the way to the hotel. Knowing that the money is put aside gives me the freedom to work on my college grades instead of panicking.

Snowfall at the National Institutes of Health,
Bethesda, MD By Gayle Crabtree
3. Gas
I always make sure to fill the gas at the first possibility of bad weather. When we lived in North Carolina some power outages shut down the area for up to two weeks a couple of times. Gas pumps and ATMs don't work if the electricity is out. Plus, if I do run out of gas, I can call AAA and they'll deliver $5.00 under my AAA Premier membership plan. (Note: AAA makes a great gift for a college student.

4. All of the above
The van. Most all of you know about the Chevy Express that we are converting into a camper van. I'll drive it to the school campus anytime snow is predicted. If it looks like I can ride things out, I'll stay snuggled up in my sleeping bag inside the van. We have a small propane burner, heating element and indoor gas heater (and a fire and carbon monoxide alarm) as well as a battery pack. I also keep a tote with an extra change of clothes and personal care items. There is also a $20 bill tucked in the tote for a truck stop shower.

Those are my back-up plans in case campus closes early due to weather. Do you plan ahead for rough weather? How? Share your ideas by leaving me a comment below.