An emotional assistance animal in the grocery store| No way

I am dictating this post by voice text about a lady in the grocery store who had a dog on her shoulder. The woman was in the produce aisle, the frozen food, and toured the meat department with her emotional assistance animal.

The problem is that emotional assistance animals are not service dogs. They are not allowed to go where service dogs can go in retail establishments. Housing is a different matter. Housing does allow emotional assistance animals.She had the dog in a cute little vest. And I have to admit that the dog is absolutely adorable ( which matters not).

So what is the difference between emotional assistance animal and service dog? I thought you would never ask.

 Service dogs are trained to perform one or more tasks for their Handler. In my case, my service dog is trained to retrieve, to get people in the house if I fall and need someone comma stand steady if I am about to fall. And the number is other things.

When a person who has an emotional assistance animal takes their dog into a place of business it first those of us who have legitimate service dogs emotional assistance animals are not necessarily trained the same standard that a service dog is trained for. This makes a difference in how they interact with the public. Service dogs are not supposed to beg for attention, beg for food scraps, or misbehave in public or really anywhere else for that matter. Emotional assistance animals don't have that kind of Behavioral training usually.

 If they aren't trained to perform a specific comma then they are not animals. The law only allows for two types of animals to be assistance animals the dog or the miniature horse. Lately, another thing that has happened is that some people have attempted to pass their cats off as service animals. No way! That is actually also against the law.

Some people legitimately believe that they are doing the right thing within the parameters of the law when they take these animals into retail establishments. Then there are some who are simply taking advantage of other people lack of knowledge on this if anyone is not sure about what the law says it is very easy to go to the Department of Justice at online and look up the law. It is ada.gov. they even have a hotline that you can call for help if you need it.