Adrenalectomy post surgery adrenal glad removal update

We'll start with the good news about the adrenalectomy first. The mass on my adrenal gland was not cancer nor was it a pheochromocytoma of any sort. Instead, it was a benign mass that was taking  up space and generally creating havoc. Like an unruly neighbor, the mass had to go.

My medial team consisted of an expert surgeon, fabulous endocrinologist and equally terrific GP (general practitioner). I think they said it took around three hours from the time goodbye was said to my husband and daughter. All went well with the surgery and the overnight hospital stay. My temperature skyrocketed to 102 F at home and my blood pressure went along for the ride. The doctor gave me some pretty strict instructions when I called to let him know.

All returned to semi-normal several days after the adrenal gland was removed. I say semi-normal because some things started happening after the adrenalectomy that has made us all very happy. Let me give you some back story before we get too far into that.

I was on four blood pressure medications before the laproscopic procedure. One of those blood pressure medications was taken for heat sensitivity and not for blood pressure. However, in addition to controlling the heat issues it is expected to have had a least some impact. Another one of those pills was a 2-in-one medication. So, I guess that's really five medications which is really not cool. Even with all of those I was hitting some afternoon blood pressures of 160 over ____. (Which was really, really not cool.) Never mind the other ways that the little bugger was causing chaos!

Since the outrageousness was potentially related to the adrenal mass the decision was made to get the thing out of there. You won't believe what happened next.

My blood pressure dropped, a lot. Enough so that I said goodbye to the medicine for heat sensitivity and the two-in-one medication. The others are at half dosage. Guess what my numbers are running now? How about 110 or 130 over around 70-80.  And, it appears that the other madness is calming down too.


Now to clarify. as my body adjusts I continue to be extremely tired. My numbers are swinging some and that makes me feel funny. (Especially when it's sugar related.) We're at a conference and even with the help of Hubby and Tomlin, my tail is dragging! But overall I think the decision to remove the adrenal gland was a good call. Who can argue with the results? Everything will hopefully be back to normal soon - or maybe even better than normal?

Many thanks to everyone for your concern and help. The emails, Facebook messages, tweets, cards and phone calls about the adrenal gland removal are very appreciated. Each of you who have contacted me are not just readers, but close friends and that is very, very much appreciated. Those of you who are already friends and family are very appreciated. May you stay healthy and may the sun shine upon you.