How to make money online

From time to time I get asked how to make money online. It's a little harder now than it used to be. Creativity and elbow grease go a long way when it comes to working from home. Whether you want to be a stay at home mom, need a second income or just want extra funds, it is still possible to make money online.

Here are few things to consider before popping out blog articles or YouTube videos like this one.
  • Get started by taking inventory of what you like to do. The internet is a treasure trove for writers, videographers and photographers who have patience and skills. Auction sites may be the way to go if  you like the idea of selling online. Graphic designers and artists have several options open as well. Social media gurus can make money online in a variety of ways as well.
  • Let's take a look at some of the options that are available. I have made money by each of the sites listed below except Fiverr and Upwork. On those sites I have hired people when the extra help was needed. Although you won't get rich, each of these places will pay according to their own individual guidelines.
  • Upwork and Fiverr give virtual assistants, graphic artists, writers and editors the opportunity to make some cash. Each lets you post gigs stating what you will do (writing, editing etc.) and your rates. Potential clients hire you based on your gigs. Work must be delivered on time and up to specification. Clients may leave tips above payment. Get details at Fiverr or Upwork.
  • Textbroker is an established ghostwriting site. Prospective writers will be asked to submit a sample article. This will be proofread and graded. From what I can tell only a few writers are rejected. Work requests are submitted by the clients and posted by Textbroker. Writers choose from the jobs and return the work within the timeframe. The next job can be started after the current one is completed. Payouts can be requested weekly. Find out more at Textbroker.
  • Many people create extra income by selling on eBay. You'll need accounts with eBay and Pay Pal to get started. I have sold everything from kids clothes to cake pans, jewelry and home decor items with success. The eBay site has all the info.
  • If you are into jewelry or art, Etsy is the way to go. As with eBay, you'll benefit most by having a Pay Pal account.
  • You can also make money on social media by monetizing tweets. My following was over 4,000 before I was able to earn on Twitter.

The opportunities below are work-for-yourself ways to make money online. However; generating the income can take substantially longer than the other methods listed above.

  • You may have noticed Amazon.com links on my blog. I make anywhere from .5% to 6% or so from these links. It doesn't cost me anything to place the links on my blog. Opportunities don't stop there. Artists can apply for the Handmade on Amazon site and you can sell books and used CDs there as well. You can even write your own books and sell them as Kindle versions. Get the scoop at the Amazon website. style=
  • Photographers, artists and graphic artists can earn income through print on demand companies. My Zazzle store has earned a few dollars over the past few years. Set up is fast, user friendly and you set your own royalty percentage.
  • Making money online by blogging is a whole other post. A successful blog can open up loads of money making opportunities. It is not quick and probably won't land you on easy street. Blogging is like any other business. Success takes determination, perspiration and a little bit of luck. Still,  you're reading this one aren't you? (And I appreciate it.)
  • I also earn money from videos. The amount varies widely and is based on a number of factors. Each one helps me make money online. Watch my YouTube channel trailer below and then poke around the channel to see the wide range of videos that help me earn income online.

Keep in mind that none of these methods will put you on easy street any time soon. Unless working with one of the established companies, it may take years before you see a payout. The same is true whether you blog or create videos for You Tube. Working for established sites is a much quicker way to make a few bucks than going solo.

Each method outlined in this article will require hard work and promotion to be successful. Days can be long and hard before you see a payout. However, some people will find the effort to be worthwhile. If  you need quick cash, skip blogging, vlogging or working for yourself online. Start out with a company that's already established.