Weather put my MIBG test on hold

This is a quick update on my pheochromocytoma saga (pheo for short). I was scheduled to have a MIBG test today and tomorrow but it was put on hold.

The MIBG is a highly specialized medical test. A radioisotope tracer is injected into the bloodstream. Scans are taken a few hours later and again the next day. It was explained to me that the tracer is made in only one place in the U.S. and shipped across the country. And, I was told that many hospitals can't administer the test. 

The tracer is created in Chicago, put on a plane and shipped to Knoxville. It's then transported to the hospital and given to the patient for the test that day. When planes can't fly, the tracer can't get delivered and the MIBG can't be done. 

So, we wait.

I'll let you know how the test goes next week. I'll also post what the doctor says about the pheo. That appointment is scheduled for the first week in February. Hopefully, everything will go as planned and we'll all be safe and warm.