Blog is back to usual after domain snafu

We are up and running again! My blog is back to usual after a domain snafu took it down for about a week. It was an arduous process but we made it.

The problem was in the auto-renewal of my www.gaylecrabtree.com domain. It was supposed to renew automatically on October 15 but didn't. Older blogs have to be transferred to a new system and I didn't get the memo.
Rocks: Glacier National Park
Rocks: Glacier National Park
Fixing the problem took about a week and a marathon conversation with support. I finally was able to speak with a live person who could walk me through the process.

A new account was created on the new system, everything was re-entered. Payments aren't processed by Google Wallet anymore so that brought on more challenges.

My domain is renewed for another year. Information on the Sunday service will go up later this week and life is good again .

Note to bloggers: If your blog is older and hosted on Blogger, then you may want to check the settings. My blog is four years old and is the primary depository for my sermons, posts about homelessness, rants and life as I live. Losing all of that would have made me very sad and a little angry at the powers that run internet-and.

Having the domain renewed is a blessing. It's nice to be able to get back to work.

In case you're looking for it, my previous post was about our Church prayer service. It was based on Psalm 106. This was a first for one of my churches and it went very well.