Church prayer service based on Psalm 106

Both churches had a prayer service today. It seemed that God was putting it on my heart earlier this week. I based the service around Psalm 106 but used other scriptures in some places.

The format that was followed was to read a scripture, have a corporate prayer that complimented the scripture and a few minutes of silent prayer. Each portion of the service concluded with a response. People were allowed to lift up concerns and praises during the silence. We closed the service by reciting the Lord's Prayer and I read the last verse of Psalm 106. 

God is good. The service seemed to be very well received. Members in one church said this was the first prayer service that they can remember. I'm surprised. This demonstrates to me that we sometimes need to get back to the basics of faith.

Nothing is more basic (or more necessary) than prayer and the service seemed to give a spiritual boost to all who were there. It's definitely a service that we'll be having again.