Memorial post for Susan Murphy - Milano

Please forgive my tardiness at writing this post. Some of you may have already heard that Susan Murphy-Milano went to her heavenly home on October 30, 2012. She was a powerhouse champion for the rights of victims of domestic violence if ever there was one. Susan will be missed by myself and by many others.

As I talked about in this article linked on RedGage, Susan also had no health insurance. Her struggle to cover medical costs didn't end with her passing. In addition to being an advocate for the abused, Susan Murphy-Milano was a published author. Her books continue to be on sale to improve the lives of victims everywhere. You can find them on Amazon.com and through her website.

As is her trademark, Susan asks that memorial donations instead of sending flowers. These donations will be used to help victims in crisis. More information about her and her life work is on her blog http://www.conqueringcancer.me and on the Murphy-Milano Journal.

Susan's passing has left a huge gaping hole in the hearts of many. No one will feel her loss more than her closest friends who became family members and the family members that are still here. I almost used the term "left behind" but changed it. That doesn't seem to fit with Susan. She may not be physically present with us but she lives on in the work we do, the people we serve and the victims that we help. In that sense, she did not leave anyone behind. She lives in and inspires us still.