Hundreds sign Cokesbury Bookstore petition and momentum grows

Hundreds have signed a petition to keep Cokesbury Bookstores open and the movement is gaining momentum. As covered in this article, the United Methodist Reporter broke the news last week that the United Methodist Publishing House has plans to close all "brick-and-mortar" Cokesbury Bookstores by April 2013.

Not everyone is convinced that the change will have a positive outcome. Outcry from devoted customers has been swift and vocal. The Change.org petition link is being shared on Facebook, Twitter and by word of mouth through email. Reasons given for signing the petition to keep Cokesbury Bookstores open include:

  • Helpful staff
  • Customer requests for United Methodist based curriculum
  • Community connections
  • Desire for "hands on" evaluation of products
  • Shopping preferences
  • Staff knowledge of local trend
  • 200 years of tradition
This blog is an Amazon.com affiliate and I've spent a small fortune there through the years. However; it's easier for me to order multiple choir robes in different sizes, a supply of books for a Christmas cantata or selecting VBS cirriculum through the local Cokesbury Bookstore. That's why I added my signature to the petition. I hope you'll go to the link above to add yours too.