Pastor's daughter who wrestled gun from dad is a hero

As the wife of a pastor and advocate, I am closely following media accounts of one very brave young woman. News is everywhere about the pastor who killed his wife. Although injured, the girl was able to wrestle the gun from her father and go for help. Adults don't always have the presence of mind to take such quick action. This girl is only 18 years old and should be applauded. She did everything that she could. To me, that makes Suzanna Greer a hero.

I cannot imagine the pain that she must be going through. Today, the media is reporting that the young woman buried her mother but she essentially lost both parents. Her father is in the hospital due to self-inflicted injuries and is expected to be arrested upon discharge.

News articles are not kind about toward at least one pastor who conducted the funeral. There is something about the media reports that haunts me. Nowhere, in any of the reports does it indicate that anyone walked with this young woman as she followed the casket out of the church. If this is true, then it breaks my heart a little bit more.

Isolation is common in families that are undergoing domestic violence. The journey through the court system is long. I pray that she will be surrounded with positive, uplifting friends and family members now and for the rest of her life. This young woman deserves that at the very least.