Coupons for Moosejaw and Bass Pro Shops

One of my husband's favorite places to visit is the Bass Pro Shops in Kodak, Tennessee. He likes everything about the store. The waterfall, camping supplies, boats, clothing... you name it. The whole place is part museum and part store. Riding the glass elevator provides a great view of the store and reminds me of being a kid at the same time.

He usually shops at the Bass Pro Shops long enough to wear me out. Fortunately, I can go over to the coffee counter, order and iced tea or coffee and recharge. Sometimes we'll head on over to Uncle Buck's Grill and have lunch.

The one problem that I have with Bass Pro Shops is that it's in Kodak and I'm not. It takes me nearly two hours to get there so going shopping takes all day. The long drive is worth it for a day but impractical when only a few items are needed.

Many of you know that I'm always looking for a better, cheaper way of buying camping gear and outdoor supplies. After digging around online guess what I found? Yes, Bass Pro Shops has an online store but outdoor life gets better than that. I found an online store that has BassPro coupons and promo codes. Not only do I get to buy tents, jackets or hiking boots but I can do it at a discount. How's that for cool?

I did some more digging through the link above and found a Moosejawcoupon and some promo codes. They carry the North Face and Patagonia clothing that you need for cold weather. Moosejaw also has everything that you would ever need for camping or hiking.

The difference between the stores is that Moosejaw is geared toward those who take the outdoors seriously. Tents run from about $200 on up to around $1,300. They carry many of the top of the line brands for skiing, hiking and just about all outdoor sports.

Bass Pro Shops seems to be geared more toward families or the more casual outdoors person. They have some heavy-duty brands but they also have recognized household names. Camping gear includes products from Coleman, Lodge and of course, the Bass Pro Shops brand products.

Two great stores with promo codes and coupons for each. Sounds like a shoppers paradise to me.