No excuses for Japanese diplomat charged with domestic violence

I just read where a Japanese diplomat in the US was charge with domestic violence. According to this AP article the violence against his wife included acts of pushing and shoving. As many anti-domestic violence advocates will tell you, the abuse often escalates.

Domestic violence is a pattern of abuse and control. As part of the abuse suffered by the wife of the Japanese diplomat the report says that her husband used a screwdriver to stab her in the hand. Clearly, if the abusive pattern started with pushing (as it often does) the stabbing is an escalation.

All too often, excuses are made that allow abusers to continue abusive patterns. What is interesting to note is that the Japanese officials are not making excuses. They don't seem to be providing counsel for the diplomat and they don't appear to be justifying his behavior.

Time will tell how this situation plays out. His wife showed extreme bravery in coming forward to the police. Apparently, he pled guilty in court.

Hopefully other decision makers will learn from this lesson. No one deserves to be a victim of abuse.The stand taken to correct the behavior of the Japanese diplomat sends a strong message. It's a message that advocates have been saying for years. No matter how much power a person has on the job, or what type of position they hold, abuse is always wrong.